Pets and Fireworks!

Just a reminder that July 4th is coming up and that means fireworks. Most pets are afraid of the noise and can become confused and run for cover.

Please make sure you keep your pets inside when the fireworks are going off. You do not want to be hunting for the pet all night long. Keep them safe please.

If you have a pet that gets traumatized from the noise, see your Vet and get something to relax them.

It will save much heartbreak in the end.

We have an Aussie and he tears our house apart when the fireworks start, so I have to get something for him this time.



3 comments on “Pets and Fireworks!

  1. Well, after the advice I left about pets and Fireworks, boy did I mess up.
    For most of the July 4th evening, everything went well. We came home from the town Fireworks display to find all calm on the homefront.. no pet damage.. then went to a friends house for a few hours to play pool.. That was our biggest mistake. I forgot to take Chester to the Vet for meds, and we came home to find our guest room door torn apart from Chester trying to get through the cat door, plus he started to tear apart our upstairs bedroom door via the cat door there too.
    There was a lot of blood everywhere.. so I opened up his mouth to find he had lost one of his front teeth.
    I felt so bad, after planning to take him to the Vet, then forgot, I am blaming it on turning 60. Ya right.. I cannot blame that… I messed up.. poor Chester was totally traumatized.
    So we went to bed and all was fine, until a few days later when we had a terrible thunder storm.. well, we were in bed sleeping and around 1am, the noise started..
    This time it was not just Chester, but Wiley, and Freya and our big Malamute Nikki.
    We went through 3 hours of dogs running around whining and crying.
    I finally went down to bathroom and got some Benedryl, which I remembered a fellow rescuer told me to use when I did not have meds.
    So half hour after giving them all some Benedryl, the house was quiet.
    So I will make sure I always have Benedryl on hand.

    So you can understand how bad I felt those nights.. having not keeping my promise to myself and my dogs, to get meds for them.
    Lesson well learnt.
    Until next time folks.

    • Hi Sue I just found your message about the problems with the dogs. Sorry to hear all that you went thru. I guess it proves that giving our pets their meds, is just as important as it is, for us to take our meds.
      I hope your sinuses are feeling better. I know how it feels, mine aren’t so good either sometimes. Take care my friend.


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