Welcome to CritterFriends!

Hi Everyone, my name is Joan,

CritterFriends is all about animals, especially our pets.  Most people have pets.  Those who don’t, enjoy other peoples pets.  I have one cat, his name is Tigger, he is an orange and white Tabby.  Tigger is a big boy, weighing in at 24 lbs.  He is 11yrs. old, and he has colitis.  He enjoys sleeping mostly, he doesn’t play much unless somebody plays with him.  Next to sleeping, eating is his favorite,  but he is on a special diet.  He gets very few treats because of his weight.


11 comments on “Welcome to CritterFriends!

  1. Hi!!! It’s so nice to meet you! This is Dakota’s brother Cody!! You just started following Dakota’s blog and we THANK YOU!!! Now Dakota and I are following yours!!
    Guess what? I’m a kitty too and I have a blog! It’s called Cat Chat and you may want to follow it. The link is http://opcatchat.blogspot.com
    I am 5 yrs old (so is Dakota). I am on a special diet also but for me, it is because of allergies
    It is so nice to meet you Tigger!!

    • Hi Dakota,
      Thanks for the comment, I have checked out CatChat, but I will go back and check it out again, and click follow, okay. Nice blog. I’m new to blogging, and still have plenty to do to get it up and running perfectly. I have plenty to learn about blogging. Having some technical problems, as I’m trying to get my friend to join in and be an Author or Editor on my blog. She has much to contribute to my blog. I have been using the forum to get some help. Hopefully the problem will be solved soon.


      • Hi Dakota,
        As you may have noticed we have solved the problem, and now my friend is able to contribute as an Author. She has post some great info so far. I’m learning a lot from it too.


  2. Good, that works..
    Look for some valuable info on pets and some very interesting stories on my pets , etc.
    I am looking forward to submitting articles and getting feedback and seeing what others are posting too..

  3. Here is something for cat owners with Litter box problems.

    Why Did My Cat Stop Using the Litter Box?

    By Dr. Stephanie Janeczko, D.V.M., Medical Director for Animal Care & Control of New York City
    Although we often take for granted that our cats will use whatever litter box we provide for them, it is perhaps more surprising that they are usually so willing to do so. Feral cats don’t seek out dark, often smelly caves that they can barely fit into do their business – but that is often what we ask of our domestic feline friends!

    When cats stop using their litter boxes, it is usually for one of two broad reasons:
    They associate the litter box with something they don’t like
    They don’t like something about their litter box
    At first glance, these may seem to be the two ways of saying the same thing, but there is a subtle difference here. The first reason includes things like pain when urinating or defecating or being trapped in the litter box by a bully cat, whereby the cat associates the litter box with something unpleasant. The second reason is pretty obvious, but is covered in great length further on.

    Some cats are perfectly content with their litter box, but may avoid using it because of conflict with other animals. This is a frequent problem in households with multiple cats, and often the unhappy, stressed cat will quickly go back to using his litter box once placed in an environment where he or she is the only cat. Even if there is no social conflict, the “line for the bathroom” can result in a cat using an alternative site if the one litter box in the house is already in use when the cat needs to go!

    Other cats want to do the right thing and use their litter box, but have an underlying medical condition that causes them to go elsewhere in your house. If your cat is urinating or defecating outside of the litter box it is always a good idea to have him seen by your veterinarian to rule out a medical problem.

  4. Morning all, Critterqueen52 here.. I was hoping to be able to post some info today, but I am down with a nasty Sinus problem.. will get something put up here soon..

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